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Male Sexual Problems

Low Sexual Desire
Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
Performance Anxiety
Sexual Addiction
Compulsive Masturbation

Empower the man within you

Empower sexual self esteem
Make you feel spontaneous in bed
Enhance Sensuality
Maximize performance and pleasure
Freedom from nervousness and performance anxeity
Entrusts feeling of being a 'Complete Man'


Female Sexual Problems

Lubrication Disorder
(vaginal dryness)
Penetration Phobia
Narrow vaginal opening
Lack of Orgasm
Other Desire Issues

Be the Queen of Your Romance!

Empower sexual self esteem
Make you feel spontaneous in bed
Enhance Sensuality
Maximize performance and pleasure
Freedom from nervousness and inhibitions
Entrusts feeling of being a 'Complete Woman'


Couple Sexual Issues

Non Consummation of Marriage
Sexual Incompatibility
Emotional Incompatibility
Communication Issues
Sexual Desire Discrepancy
Art of Foreplay & Lovemaking
(Improving Chemistry)
Position – Posture- Movement guidance
Extra Marital Affair
Intimacy Issues

Live Life to the Fullest!

Enhance Emotional bonding
Empower Sexual Intimacy
Boost spontaneity and passion
Enhance sensuality and romance
Alchemy for a great couple chemistry
Achieve highest compatibility
Whole new meaning to Relationship!

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26 Years of Professional Experience


More than 20,000+ Satisfied Clients


In Clinical Sexology

About Dr. Hitesh Shah

Dr Hitesh Shah Sexologist in Mumbai

A Sexpert in need, is a friend Indeed!

Dr. Hitesh Shah, an extraordinary blend of Physician and Counsellor, and a Sexologist Par Excellence, classical and top most sexologist in Mumbai, India with clinical experience of 26 years, through his modern scientific exploration, intuitive means, ancient spiritual wisdom and compassion for individual and couple’s suffering, have innovated novel, integrated approaches based on Nature’s principles.

Explore your inner journey of healing and achieve physical,  emotional, sexual and relationship wellbeing and enrichment, with the help of Dr. Hitesh Shah’s time tested solutions, with which thousands of couples / individuals have been benefited, till the date.

Our Approach!


Uniqueness of our service

Concept based
Online & Face to face

Speciality of Our Solutions

Nature based
No side effects
No dependence
Empowering You
Nurturing Relations
Long term benefits
Medicinal & Non Medicinal
No short cuts – No quick fixes


I was suffering with severe erectile dysfunction. My wife had threatened to quit. I was feeling very hopeless and helpless. Add to it I got addicted to alcohol due to my depression. Dr Shah has been saviour. He brought me out of my depression and alcohol and my erection problem is almost 90 % solved. I am able to face my wife. Quite often we have started enjoying our sex life. Thank you Dr Hitesh shah from bottom of my heart!

Bharat patil

I have been experiencing vaginal laxity after my forcep delivery and lack of adequate suturing by my gyneac. This was not allowing adequate friction and pleasure whenever we made love. After Dr Hitesh Shah s treatment and guidance it has really improved tone of my vaginal walls and my husband and I find our intimate moments much more pleasurable.

Bhakti Mehta

Our marriage was unconsumated after 3 years. I had multiple problems like phimosis and erectile dysfunction due to nervousness. I was very ignorant about position as well. On top of it my wife had severe penetration phobia and narrow vaginal opening. We were totally frustrated and depressed. On top of it there was family pressure to conceive. It was when Dr Hitesh Shah turned out to be our saviour. Just within 1 1\2 month of right guidance therapy and medication by friendly and caring counsellor Dr Hitesh Shah, we could consummate our marriage and now we have regular sex life without any fear and feel happily enjoy our intimacy.

Kaushik mehta

We are recently married and faced lot of difficulty in starting our sex life. Our honeymoon was totally spoiled. I used to feel very nervous and loose erection. Also we did not know the right position to insert. On top of it my wife had severe penetration phobia which would make me more nervous. Both of us were in highly frustrated state. We immediately consulted Dr Hitesh Shah after returning back to India from our honeymoon. Doctor very systematically evaluated our problem and gave us the right guidance and therapy and within a span of ten days we could smoothy do our first intercourse. And we have absolutely perfect sex life. Hope we had met the doctor before going to honeymoon. I strongly recommend to all young couples to meet Dr Hitesh Shah to sort out their sex issue or meet Dr for prevention and education.


It has been a pleasant surprise after visiting India for my treatment of sexual dysfunction. Andrologist in US has been treating my erectile dysfunction with Viagra and intra penile injections but effect would last only temporarily. And over a period of time my erectile dysfunction had only worsened. After getting recommendation from my friend in UK who had taken online treatment from Dr Hitesh Shah and had successfully overcome his sexual problem I decided to give it a try on my next visit to India. After meeting Dr Shah I could actually understand the basis of my problem. And he treated the root causes and within couple of months I have regained my normal erection. And now without any medicines I have normal and fulfilling sex life.

Bhavin Patel

I and my husband could not do intercourse because of my problem of narrow vaginal opening and tough hymen. The resulting pain had also caused severe phobia in me. It was already 2 years of marriage and we could not consummate and both us feeling very frustrated. Although we love each other we started picking arguments and fights lately. But after receiving step wise guidance and therapy from Dr Hitesh Shah I started improving on all fronts and finally we could comfortably consummate our marriage, without pain. Thanks Dr Hitesh Shah for your expert guidance and also saving me from gynec surgery.

Heena Chopra

Raj Malhotra

I have had very low sexual desire and vaginal dryness. Never responded to husbands need. Used to shiver and get panicky on hearing word sex. Impact of earlier sex abuse experience in teenage had affected my mind a Lt. Because of me my husband life was becoming hell. Finally we came to Dr Hitesh Shah for help. His Homeopathic medicines brought about healing to my sex abuse trauma. And I started slowly becoming comfortable to husbands touch. Progressively my desire started increasing. So also I started experiencing wetness. After 4 months of medicines and counselling and behaviour therapy now we have regular and satisfactory sex life.

Reema Mehta

I was suffering with severe premature ejaculation since before my marriage. I could never satisfy my partner. I used to feel inadequate and guilty. After 9 years I decided to go for treatment. Fortunately my friend suggested name of Dr Hitesh Shah. Although he is far from our place we decided to consult him. After four months of his treatment my timings have significantly improved and I can see my wife sexually satisfied and happy. I wish I had come early, to solve my problem, to consult Dr Shah.

John D'costa

We had difficult and unhappy honeymoon because of my penetration phobia and I used to really resist my husband's att3mpt at penetration. Fortunately he was very patient and understanding. On advise of my husband family physician, we consulted DRHitesh Shah soon after coming back from honeymoon. Within ten days time I could overcome my fear and we could have comfortable intercourse. Thanks Dr. Hitesh shah for the excellent treatment and guidance and thanks to my husbands family physician for guiding us to right place.

Dr. Dimple. M. Shah

I was suffering with obsessive compulsive neurosis and depression. Was on psychiatrists medicines for last 3 years. Was facing lot of side effects and was able to focus on work or enjoy my life. After 4 months of treatment not only I am off all psychiatric medicines and feel fresh and energetic. I am enjoying my work and relations. No more any compulsions or obsessions. Really feel my original self. Dr. Hitesh shahs treatment has helped me tremendously. I am grateful to Dr Shah for putting me back in flow of life.

Vaibhav Arora

Its been a wonderful experience for us while consulting Dr Shah. Essentially we consulted him for lack of interest and inadequate performance in both of us. It was rightly pointed out by Dr Hitesh Shah that our chemistry has not been really built up and he effectively unearthed the reasons for the same in our sexuality and personality. And subsequently Dr Shah led us on the path of emotional and sensual connect which has resulted in excellent sexual intimacy for both of us. Automatically our interest and performance has improved many fold. Our sex life has got magically transformed.

Akshay Tunkal

During my first attempt at inter course on our first night my forsaking got stuck behind and I was in a very painful state. I was confused and embarrassed and kept it like that for another 2 days . Due to that I developed severe swelling and was in a miserable state. Finally I approached Dr Hitesh Shah through this portal. Dr Shah diagnosed it as severe paraphimosis which he said was generally a surgical emergency. But he helped me to cure it without surgery and in another one week my foreskin was made totally elastic. Thanks you very much Dr. Hitesh Shah, now I can have smooth and painfree intercourse.

Amit Sawant

My problem of low sexual desire and vaginal and dryness was creating lot of problem in our marriage and sex life. My husband was telling me to meet doctor since long time. I was feeling very shy and awkward. Once my husband threatened me ( I can not mention here) and somehow I prepared myself for treatment. His friend and his wife were benefited by Dr hitesh shah s treatment. So my husband and myself consulted Dr shah. We sincerely followed his therapy and medicines. Now I feel very good sexual desire and lubrication. I find sex pleasurable and look forward to it. Most of all my husband is also very happy with me.

Madhu Sinha

I was suffering with low sperm count and low motility. It did not improve inspire of treatment from my wife's gynecologist, ufologist and ayurvedic treatment. After doing a course of six months of treatment with Dr Hitesh Shah my sperm count rose significantly from 9 mil to 45 mil and motility to 70 %. Now my wife is pregnant. We are indebted to Dr. Hitesh Shah for giving us such a wonderful treatment. Also we had received guidance for tension free love making during ovulation days which otherwise had become highly mechanical for us.

Nishit Choradia

Communication is the Key